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Digital TV Art - Vintage WPA Posters

Digital TV Art - Vintage WPA Posters

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  • Beautifully designed art deco style Works Progress Administration (WPA) posters from the 1930's and 40's advertise plays, national parks, art classes and tourism. They remind you to report dog bites, visit Puerto Rico, support the war effort, have your syphilis checked, and of course, to think safety first
  • Custom Walnut Thumb Drive Plugs into your TV's USB Port and Works like a Screen Saver
  • No Internet Connection, Computer, or Streaming Device Required
  • All Images are Digitally Restored and Sized to Fit your Screen on a Black Background
  • Video Shows a Loop of Rotating Images with Smooth Transitions
  • Can be Paused or Sped Up without Loss of Quality

The Vintage WPA Posters Art Drive Contains These Art Deco Posters:

Abraham Lincoln Play
Amateur Piano Contest for Children
Annual Farm and Home Week
Beware of Cancer Quacks
Build for your Navy
Chicago Buckingham Fountain Ad
Cure Juvenile Delinquency
Discover Puerto Rico
Don't Kill Our Wildlife
Don't Wait - Get Your Syphilis Checked
Father and Son Banquet Ad
Foreign Trade Zone Poster 1
Foreign Trade Zone Poster 2
Illinois Emergency Relief Commission
'It Can't Happen Here' Play Bill
John is Not Really Dull, He May Only Need His Eyes Examined
Keep the Food Clean
Lake Placid Olympic Village
Long Island Photography Exhibition
Milk - For Summer Thirst
National Park Wildlife
New York Municipal Airports
NYC Sculpture Exhibition
Protect Your Parks
Report Dog Bites
Safety First
See America - Welcome to Montana
Stamp Out the Axis
The Federal Theater 'Flight' Play
US Travel Bureau - See America
Visit the Brookfield Zoo

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