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Digital TV Art - Space and Hubble Images

Digital TV Art - Space and Hubble Images

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  • Rotating digital images from NASA / ESA and the Hubble Space telescope, including Mars, the Moon, Galaxies, the Space Shuttle and more
  • Custom Walnut Thumb Drive Plugs into your TV's USB Port and Works like a Screen Saver
  • No Internet Connection, Computer, or Streaming Device Required
  • All Images are Digitally Restored and Sized to Fit your Screen - No Black Borders
  • Video Shows a Loop of Rotating Images with Smooth Transitions
  • Can be Paused or Sped Up without Loss of Quality

Digital TV Art - Space and Hubble Contains These Images:

Shuttle Atlantis from Above, Shuttle Atlantis Launch Pad, Shuttle Atlantis Launch
The Black Marble - Earth from Space
Curiosity Mars Rover Self Portrait
Shuttle Endeavour in Orbit
Hubble Galaxies (Several Images), Hubble Nebula (Several Images)
Hubble Space Telescope over Earth
International Space Station, ISS Shuttle Dock
Jupiter from Cassini
Mars Surface 1, Mars Surface 2, Mars from Space
Moon Walk, On the Moon, Saluting the Flag on the Moon
Shuttle Atlantis, Shuttle Cockpit
Space Walk
Spiral Galaxy
Sun Over Earth from Space, Sunrise from Space
Untethered Spacewalk

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