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Source TV Art

Digital TV Art - Modern and Abstract Art

Digital TV Art - Modern and Abstract Art

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  • Modern, abstract, and cubist paintings from Ferdinand Leger, Edward Hopper, Franz Marc, Helmer Osslund, Henri Rousseau, Juan Gris, Theo van Does burg, Thomas Hart, Valentin Serov, Wassily Kandinsky and more
  • Custom Walnut Thumb Drive Plugs into your TV's USB Port and Works like a Screen Saver
  • No Internet Connection, Computer, or Streaming Device Required
  • All Images are Digitally Restored and Sized to Fit your Screen - No Black Borders
  • Video Shows a Loop of Rotating Images with Smooth Transitions
  • Can be Paused or Sped Up without Loss of Quality

The Modern and Abstract Art USB Drive Contains The Following Images:

Cezanne - Chateau Noir
Creswell and Washburne - Ceiling Paper
Edward Hopper - Nighthawks
Edward Hopper - Soir Bleu
Ferdinand Leger - The Breakfast
Ferdinand Leger - The Bridge of the Tug Boat
Franz Marc - The Dream
Franz Marc - The Sheep
Gledhill Wallpaper Company - 1906 Wallpaper
Helmer Osslund - Autumn
Henri Rousseau - The Dream
Henri Rousseau - The Hungry Lion
Henri Rousseau - The Sleeping Gypsy
Henri Rousseau - The Waterfall
Jacob - Chairs
John William Waterhouse - The Lady of Shalott
Juan Gris - Checkerboard and Playing Cards
Juan Gris - The Open Window
Kirchner - Portrait of Otto Mueller
Lewis - A Battery Shelled
Meninsky - Victoria Station District Railway
Mucha - Peonies
Sacharoff - Woman with her Elbows on the Table
Sydney Long - Flamingoes
Theo van Doesburg - Counter Composition XVI
Thomas Hart Benton - Cut the Line
Unknown - Sidewall
Unknown - Soviet Space Propaganda Poster 2
Unknown - Soviet Space Propaganda Poster
Valentin Serov - Portrait of Ida Rubenstein
Vrubel - Demon
Wassily Kandinsky - Composition V
Wassily Kandinsky - Improvisation Deluge

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